North America Business Travel Destinations

North America is an important business destination. It is home to many of the largest economies and corporations, making it a hub for business travellers worldwide.

About the North American Continent

The Arctic Ocean borders it to the northern part of the continent, the Atlantic Ocean to the east of it, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and South America to the southeast.

The continent is home to diverse landscapes, including vast plains, towering mountain ranges, dense forests, and arid deserts. The Rocky Mountains and also the Appalachian Mountains are two of North America’s most prominent mountain ranges.

The continent is also home to several major rivers, including the Mississippi, the Yukon, and the Colorado. The Great Lakes are considered the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes.

It consists of a number of countries, including Canada, the United States, and Mexico, the three most prominent and populous nations on the continent. Other countries in North America include the Caribbean island nations of Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, as well as Central American countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama. The continent also includes the smaller countries of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the island nations of the Bahamas, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Each country has its unique culture, history, and political system, making North America a diverse and fascinating continent to explore.

What To Expect When Visiting North America for Business


Food and Drink

The continent is famous for its burgers, hot dogs, and pizza but also has a rich culinary heritage that includes Mexican, Cajun, and Southern cuisine.

Many cities in North America also have vibrant food scenes, with food trucks, farmers’ markets, and street food festivals showcasing local and international cuisine.

Visa Requirements

Before planning your business trip to North America, you need to understand the visa requirements. Citizens of some countries are eligible for visa-free travel to Canada and the United States of America for business purposes for up to 90 days.

However, citizens of other countries must obtain a visa before entering North America. The visa application process can take a number of weeks, so planning is vital.


North America has an extensive transportation network, making it easy for business travellers. The most common modes of transportation are air travel and car rentals.

Several major airports in North America include John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Los Angeles International Airport, and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Car rentals are also widely available, but it is important to note that driving laws and regulations may vary from state to state and province to province.


The most popular hotels for business travellers are usually located in major cities and business districts. Serviced apartments are a good option for extended stays, as they provide more space and amenities than hotels. Airbnb rentals are also becoming increasingly popular among business travellers, offering a more personalized and cost-effective accommodation option.

Cultural Etiquette

In general, North Americans value punctuality, direct communication, and professionalism. It is also essential to respect cultural and religious practices, such as dress codes and dietary restrictions.

Business Culture
The business culture in North America is generally fast-paced and results-driven. Business meetings are usually formal affairs with a clear agenda and objectives. Come prepared with a well-researched business proposal, and be ready to articulate your ideas clearly. Building personal relationships is also important, as North Americans value trust and credibility in business relationships.


Security is a significant concern for business travellers. While the continent is generally safe, certain areas require caution. Bigger cities have higher crime rates than other parts of North America, and travellers should be aware of their surroundings, avoid walking alone at night and not display valuables in public.

In addition, border security is a major issue, particularly for travellers entering the United States. Having all the necessary documentation and preparing yourself for very thorough security checks is vital. Despite these concerns, North America has a strong security infrastructure and law enforcement agencies that work to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.

North america - mexico
With its solid economies and global corporations, North America will continue to be a top destination for business travellers for years to come.