About Kaffe Diary

Business travel is the lifeblood of a global company. Whether it’s an international conference or a regional meeting, business travel is essential to success. The benefits include improved productivity, better customer service, and increased brand awareness.

How often does business travel occur within an organisation or company? How much planning time is spent on business trips. What are some of the things to consider before booking the next trip?

Travelling abroad often requires careful preparation, from booking flights to packing bags. Business travel can be stressful, especially if going away for extended periods. In addition to jet lag and unfamiliar food, frequent business travellers might also experience culture shock or language barriers. They need to know how to get the most out of their trips.

The Life of a Business Traveller

A business traveller’s life is demanding, with frequent trips to and from the airport. A business traveller has to balance work and home life, often travelling for weeks at a time. This type of lifestyle requires many adjustments and sacrifices to maintain balance and sanity.

About Kaffe Diary

About Kaffe Diary – a Resource for the Frequent Business Traveller

There are many business travel guides, but they’re primarily focused on the actual business side of things. And while all those tips might come in handy, what about the other stuff? The lifestyle? What to do during free time?

Business travellers are highly educated and work-focused people who need a break from their daily routine—so why not help them get one?

That’s where Kaffe Diary comes in. We are a travel guide for business travellers, featuring everything they need to know about work/life balance during their time off. Kaffe Diary helps them find the best places to eat and drink. Find conference venues that support their needs, and find hotels that truly understand that “family” is not only just their spouse and children—it’s also their pets, close relatives and friends. The travel advice is written and presented to be easy to read. There is no need to search through hundreds of pages to find the information needed.

Kaffe Diary features reviews on office space for rent and sale, hotels that understand a business traveller’s need options for different occasions, transportation options, helpful shopping tips, entertainment recommendations from local experts, and so much more!

The goal is to make sure that people find the information they need without having to search through hundreds of pages.

Whether the business traveller is on their first business trip or their 100th, this website has the advice and tips needed to navigate an unfamiliar environment – and get more out of a travel experience. 


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