Eastern Europe

If you’re someone who frequently travels for business and is seeking prospects, Eastern Europe could be a choice of destination.
This area is teeming with markets to be explored. The affordable cost of living ensures that your business expenses will stretch farther here than in numerous other European places.
Region - Eastern Europe


Poland’s economy is flourishing, creating a dynamic business environment. It serves as a location for BPO and IT services, attracting an increasing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Warsaw, the country’s capital, is a diverse city with a rising business culture. As a member of the European Union, Poland offers a regulatory business environment that attracts foreign investment.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located in Eastern Europe, is a vibrant country that presents business prospects. Prague, the capital city, is truly remarkable, with its great start-up scene. The country has a highly educated workforce and a favourable business environment. Czechia is also known for its beer, and business deals are not uncommon to be sealed over a pint or two.


Hungary is in the heart of Europe. Budapest, the enchanting capital of Hungary is charming. It has a rich historical heritage. The country has a friendly business environment with low labour costs and a skilled workforce.


Ukraine is a promising market for business expansion and offers many opportunities in various sectors. Language barriers can be a challenge for foreign entrepreneurs in Ukraine, as Ukrainian and Russian are the main languages spoken. English is commonly used in business environments.


Romania has experienced growth and is considered one of the rapidly developing economies. Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, serves as a hub for business activities, attracting companies that have made investments in the country. The country has a mixed entrepreneurial culture, focusing on start-ups and innovation. It should be highlighted that many Romanians are proficient in English.


Minsk is a modern city.


Sofia, the capital, is a hub for IT services. The country has a highly educated workforce.


Russia, being the biggest in Eastern Europe, wields economic influence. Moscow is a hub for various business ventures and a main business location. Knowing a bit of the Cyrillic alphabet and familiarity with the language can prove advantageous in business.


The capital is Bratislava. The nation benefits from a business climate, affordable labour expenses and an advantageous position at the centre of Europe. Slovakia is renowned for its ski resorts, providing opportunities to connect and build relationships with clients and partners.


Moldova, situated in Eastern Europe is a nation surrounded by land. The cost of living in this country is relatively affordable.

Eastern Europe offers many business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people.

We hope this has provided you with bite-sized insights and knowledge about the ten countries in Eastern Europe.

Research the culture, language and business customs of each country before you embark on your trip.

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