Argentina – a country famous for its tango, steak, and wine. This lively country in South America has more to offer than just its mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant dance culture.

At times, it has emerged as a sought-after choice among professionals travelling for work, seeking both a bit of luxury and thrilling adventures.

The allure of luxury business travel in Argentina

Experience the ambience of Buenos Aires, where the lively tango beat reverberates through the city streets, and the irresistible scent of food permeates the air.

Discover the city’s districts with their buildings, high-end shops and trendy cafes, creating an ideal balance between work and relaxation.

Beyond the vibrant capital lies an array of breathtaking landscapes that will leave you in awe. Patagonia’s rugged mountains, crystalline lakes, and expansive glaciers provide a sanctuary of solitude and natural splendour. Experience the luxury accommodations in this area, providing a sense of peace and breathtaking vistas that will invigorate your soul and inspire your business pursuits.

A visit to the vineyards of Mendoza is essential for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the quality wines. Experience the craftsmanship of winemaking as you wander through vineyards, savouring Malbec wines and treating yourself to delightful culinary delights. Let Argentinean wines’ velvety tannins and intricate flavours transport you to refined elegance and sophistication.

The array of museums, art galleries and historical landmarks open to travellers clearly demonstrates Argentina’s dedication to safeguarding its cultural legacy. From the iconic Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires to the ancient ruins of the Jesuit Missions in the north, immerse yourself in this captivating nation’s rich history and artistic legacy.

Accommodations for business travellers

In Buenos Aires, the capital city renowned for its scene and allure, numerous high-end hotels cater to business travellers’ requirements. These accommodations are designed with sophistication, offering a luxury service and state-of-the-art facilities. They create an environment for work and relaxation.

The countryside in Argentina provides getaways for individuals searching for a serene and peaceful environment. Imagine waking up to the quiet beauty of a vineyard in Mendoza or the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia. These tranquil retreats offer an escape for professionals to relax and recharge after a demanding day of business engagements. These accommodations provide a comfortable experience with exceptional amenities such as spa facilities, exquisite dining choices and personalised service.

One must recognise the renowned estancias, traditional Argentine ranches that have been transformed into exclusive retreats. These historic properties showcase the country’s rich heritage and offer guests a unique blend of luxury and authenticity. With elegant rooms, gourmet cuisine featuring local delicacies, and a range of activities such as horseback riding and polo lessons, staying at an estancia is an experience.

Fine dining and culinary experiences

One cannot talk about dining in Argentina without mentioning its legendary beef. You absolutely have to try Asado, the Argentine barbecue. The delicious meat cuts, grilled flawlessly over a fire, will truly delight your taste buds. Pair it with a glass of Malbec, and you’ll experience a truly delightful blend.

Mendoza, renowned for its vineyards and wineries, not only creates wines but also organises exquisite culinary celebrations and wine-pairing gatherings. These events provide an opportunity to savour delicacies perfectly matched with the regional wines.

Visiting the coastal city of Mar del Plata is a must for seafood enthusiasts. Recognised for its seafood and breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, this enchanting place boasts a selection of seafood establishments and waterfront dining spots. Here, you can relish the day’s catch while savouring the ocean breeze.

Whether you want to seal a business deal in Buenos Aires or unwind amidst the stunning vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina has something to offer for every discerning business traveller.